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Your business is growing, you're ready to take it to the next level...ready to expand....

But actually going through the motions and making your dream team hire is a pain! Moreover...when you've landed your ideal team members, actually onboarding them takes weeks and sucks you dry of energy. 

I've facilitated dozens of hires and onboarding processes for my clients and my own businesses, and every single time, I've realized that having a structure for onboarding takes away the guesswork, Takes away the hassle, and takes away the energy required from the CEO to lead, direct and handhold!

Hours that you could put towards showing up, serving your customers, and making that $$



  • 1 Job Post Template
  • 150 Tasks for your virtual team
  • Interview questions template
  • Interview Scorecard
  • Team Onboarding checklist



Employee Appraisal Form

Hiring & Onboarding

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